"La Maupin—Mistress of the Sword" is a proposed forthcoming novel by Jim Burrows. For a bit more detail, check the "About" page. In short, la Maupin was a 17th century opera star, known for her flamboyant lifestyle as much as for her performance on the stage. She sang, dressed as a cavalier, fought numerous duels and seduced members of both sexes including nuns, nobles and heads of state.

Thanks to the contributions of the site's members, you will find we have  growing collection of research material—sources, characters, events and the like—but the novel itself doesn't really exist beyond a basic outline that I'm still fleshing out, again with the help of a few of our members. Once I have a substantial amount of work done, I plan to release some snippets. Until then, please enjoy the blog and join in on the comments around it and the research material.

Please stay tuned,
Jim Burrows
January 27, 2010

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WARNING: Site is a little ill

LaMaupin.com experienced severe disk problems in mid-January. We have it mostly recovered but for some reason many UTF-8 characters, that is characters with accents on them like "è" are displaying wrong. Please do not post here until this is fixed.... [read more]


Apologies and due credit

Things have been a little quiet here on La Maupin of late. The demands of family and my paying career have interfered with my intent to write La Maupin's tale, and I apologize to those of you loyal enough to have been following what little progress I... [read more] [1 comment]


The Marseille Opera Scene

It's been a while since I blogged here or even managed to respond to the input of others. My apologies. Family, work and health have all distracted me. Clorinde recently asked what operas were playing in Marseille, which ties in with the whole question... [read more] [5 comments]

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